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March 25th - 29th 2015: Sakamoto Sensei's visit from Japan

Sakamoto Sensei, the Chief Instructor of Ryusei Chitokai Karate will be at Warners Bay HVMAC for some special training sessions in March. 

The opportunity to train with him should not be missed so plan your training around the sessions at Warners Bay. All students will be required to pay $15 for each night they attend with Sakamoto Sensei. This must be in cash or cheque to the ACKA.

General Classes for Dragons/Adults all levels:

Wednesday 25th 7-8pm

Thursday 26th 7-8pm

Friday 27th 6.10-7pm

Black Belts only Dragons and Adults

Wednesday 25th 8-9pm

Thursday 26th 8-9pm

Friday 27th 7-8pm

Black Belt Clinic Saturday 28th

12-2pm  and 3-5pm

Black Belt Clinic Sunday 29th

9-11am and 12-2pm

March 29th: 30th Anniversary Dinner

To celebrate 30 years of Chitokai Karate in Newcastle there will be a formal dinner hosted by the ACKA at Sala's function centre in Warners Bay. This is a night not to be missed. All are welcome, former and current students their parents, friends and family. 

There will be demonstrations from Black Belts including Sakamoto Sensei, a three course meal and entertainment from "The Big Bang" band. Tickets will sell fast. Total ticket cost is $85, please have a deposit in by March 15th to secure your spot as tickets are selling fast! 

June 6th Black Belt Grading

Hosted at Warners Bay Dojo.

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