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The ACKA is a Community Conscious Group

Did you know that the average family home pumps about eight tonnes of greenhouse polluting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year? So, if you change the way you use power you can tackle climate change from your own home (and save hundreds of dollars as well).

We in Chitokai karate believe that our mission is to make a positive contribution to the community in which we live. Our executives discussed our mission statement and we agreed that our responsibility as a martial arts organization is not just to improve self defence skills, but to encourage people to think about what it is to be a community, and to consider ways to improve it.

Useful Links

www.climatecrisis.net Information about Al Gore's film, "An Inconvenient Truth"
www.greenprogress.com Latest news and information on environmental technology and green innovations
www.begreennow.com Learn how to neutralize your carbon emissions
www.planetark.com Works to show people the many ways they can reduce their day to day impact on the environment
www.globalwarming101.com Raises broad public awareness about global warming as witnessed through Will Steger's polar expeditions
www.greenhouse.gov.au The Australian Greenhouse Office Website
www.envirosaver.com.au Switch your whole house to environmentally friendly globes at NO COST to you!
www.freecycle.org Learn how to reduce landfill by recycling unwanted stuff
www.nabers.com.au Compare your energy performance to the average NSW home
www.mynrma.com.au Learn what the operating costs of your vehicle really are
www.energyallstars.gov.au Compare the energy efficiency of appliances
www.deus.nsw.gov.au NSW Department of Energy, Utilities and Sustainablity
www.organicdownunder.com Learn how to use environmentally friendly pest sprays

Do you have some other useful enviro-links you'd like to share?
Email them to us and we'll add them to the list. 

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