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Chitokai AGM 2014

We had a very successful Chitokai AGM on Saturday 25th October and I am pleased to announce the following positions.

National President – Warren Tresidder

National Vice President – Sandy Hayes

National and Newcastle Secretary – Lesley Talbut

National and Newcastle Treasurer – Pat Wong

Newcastle President – Sam Wong

Newcastle Vice President  -Daniel Griffiths

Dojo Representatives

Waratah – Abi Lowe

Morisset – Lesley Talbut

Belmont – Kirsten Meares

Cessnock – Brad Davies

Warners Bay – Chris Dean-Jones.

Looking forward to a great year for ACKA and NCKA


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2008 May Dan Gradings

Congratulations to the following students on successfully passing their Shodan Ho (provisional black belt)examination on Saturday, May 24th. Juniors completed all kata, bunkai and bo, and also 20 bouts of kumite, while senior candidates were required to do all kata, bo, applications left and right side, as well as Henshuho, or advanced throwing technique. The standard was exceptional, as students tested their understandings on the floor with the full gathering of Chitokai black belts, who all reviewed their technique and applications before family, friends and brown belts who were invited to witness the grading.

A feature of the grading was the speeches delivered by junior candidates, on "My Journey to Black Belt."

Junior Shodan Ho

Tayla Hill

Chris Dean-Jones

Amy Lovell

Phoebe Lovell

Brandon Bailey

Tegan McCaw

Senior Shodan Ho

Catherine Ivanfy

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2006 December Dan gradings

Congratulations to Jade Gambrill, Stephen Lowe and Kent Burgin on their promotion to Shodan Ho. All black belts attended a gruelling three hour gradings that included all kata, Henshuho, Bo kata and kumite, sparring ( twenty rounds each for all participants) and kata applications (bunkai).

Congratulations also to Rachel Wilkes, Benjamin Wattam, Kirally Mead, Abi Lowe on their promotion to Shodan and Joshua Grujevski on his promotion to Junior Shodan.

Shane Bullen and Joshua McMahon gained their Jun-Shidoin (Instructor) licences.

Congratulations also to Sensei Warren Tresidder on his successful grading to Sandan at the November grading, witnessed by Kyoshi Ken Sakamoto , Senior Adviser to Australian Chitokai and Renshi Brian Hayes, Australian Chief Instructor.

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Dan Gradings May 2006
Dan gradings were held in May this year at the Chitokai hombu in Warners Bay. 6 candidates challenged for their Shodan rank under the supervision of Brian Hayes, Renshi, Chief Instructor of the Australian Chitokai Karate Association Inc. In a grading lasting 6 hours, the candidates were tested on all kata, applications, weapons and sparring, with each challenger engaging in no less than 20 sparring matches. Congratulations to: Ainslie Probert - Shodan Ho Rachel Wilkes - Shodan Ho Kirraly Mead - Junior Shodan Ho Ben Wattam - Junior Shodan Ho Joshua Grujevski - Junior Shodan Ho Abi Lowe - Junior Shodan Ho Shodan Ho is a probationary period of three months, where the successful candidate must demonstrate their black belt character and training attitude, before accepting the lifelong dan recognition. We expect that all candidates will continue to demonstrate the traits that took them to their black belt exam.

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February 2006
Exciting information about Chitokai in 2006.

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Japan Training Trip 2005
Hayes Renshi will attend the annual Ryusei Karate Embukai in Kasukabe, Japan, in June 2006. He will be accompanied by Sensei Warren Tresidder and Sensei David Waterman, both Nidan. The group will attend the embukai hosted by Kyoshi Ken Sakamoto , Chief Instructor of Ryusei Karate. Sakamoto sensei is the son-in-law of the founder of Chito-Ryu, Dr. Tsutoshi Chitose, and his Ryusei Karate organisation seeks to faithfuly continue the tradition of the founder. Hayes Renshi has been invited to perfom a kobudo kata at the embukai, a singular honour for someone outside of Japan. The three travellers will then enjoy a seminar with Sakamoto sensei followed by training for 10 days at Okashita Shihan''''s dojo in Tsukabe, near Tokyo. Okashita Shihan is Sakamoto Sensei''''s senior student in the Ryusei Karate method. The photo of Okashita Shihan and Hayes Renshi was taken in 2005, during Hayes Renshi''''s inaugural training visit to the Ryusei Karate Spring Seminar in Kasukabe, Japan.

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