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Femininity and Motherhood in Martial Arts by Sandy

Sensei Sandy Hayes graduated to Yondan and Shihandai in December 2010. Her thesis highlights her growth in understanding of what it means to be a woman and a mother in martial arts, and is a must read for all martial artists.

Sakamoto sensei was so impressed with her insightful and knowledgeable thesis that he sent the essay to his own friend and mentor, Shinzato sensei in Okinawa, who responded that ;

A man often develops the martial art theory relating only to technique. When a lady explains the state of martial art training from the  sexual viewpoint which harbors the life and brings that up, there is the feeling that something lacks in the depth of understanding of the man.

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Ryusei Karate - A Study in Fusion by Brian Hayes

Renshi Brian Hayes presented this thesis to Sakamoto Sensei for consideration of recognition of his rank of Renshi and 6th Dan in the Ryusei Karate system. Hayes Renshi explores the trechnical fundamentals of the Shorei and Shorin traditions and suggests that O'sensei had such a deep understanding of both systems that his Chito-Ryu method was a synthesis of both. This is evident in observation of the technique and teachings of his son-in-law, Sakamoto sensei.

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WKF Rules and Regulations

The ACKA adopts WKF rules for competition, utilising safety armour comprising a head guard (men) and body armour (do). A requirement of first degree Black Belt is Referee Level 3 certificate. Students of brown belt rank and above, of minimum age 15, may attend refereees clinics and attempt the Referees Level C exam. They will need to download and study the WKF rules.

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Physics Fu. An article by Ashley McKellar, Nidan

This article was written by Ashley McKellar, Nidan. A practicing mechanical engineer, Ashley has responded to the many dojo discussions on the physics involved in the generation of power in karate techniques. Highly recommended reading.

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A Bridge Through Time, by Michael Colling

Michael Colling wrote this article for Dragon Times several years ago. It is published here with his kind permission, and also with permission from Mrs Dometrich, US Chitokai. It is the best history of O'Sensei and the foundations of the Chito-Ryu method of karate that I have read, and I encourage all Chitokai karateka to read it.

Hayes Renshi

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Chitokai Karate - In search of Todi
An article for Bujutsu Magazine Article written by Renshi Brian Hayes, Chief Instructor, Australian Chitokai Karate Association

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An Interview With Sandy Hayes
An interview with Sandy Hayes, 3rd Dan Chitokai Instructor, Co-Owner of the Hunter Valley Martial Arts Centre, Newcastle.

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An Overview of Ryusei Karate
Ryusei Karate Do is a traditional Okinawan fighting art (kempo-bujustu) that combines the technique and spirit of Chito-Ryu karate with the ancient Okinawan martial art of todi. Chito-Ryu karate was founded by Master Chinen Kinchoku (who renamed himself Tsuyoshi Chitose), the Sixth Master of Todi.

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Ryusei Karate-Do: A Personal Perspective
An article by Peter Giffen, Shihan, Head of Ryusei Karate Canada. Reproduced with the kind permission of Peter Giffen, from the Ryusei Karate website.

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